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"Here are my kids curating at an art show with teacher Chrissy Jones!  Little Caroline is actually telling a stranger what she learned about cave art! They learned so much about art and history and gained a lot of confidence about art through the art show they helped to put on. So amazed at how much they learned. Chrissy does a great job!!!"
 -Julie McMahon, mother of 3 students ages 2-8

 "Peter has been taking art this summer from a wonderful woman whom I highly recommend if you are in the area. Chrissy makes learning fun.  She is also able to come along side the children, giving skilled suggestions on how to make their artwork better, in a positive way.  These classes fuse history and art in a fun way. "  -Khara O'Loughlin, Mother of 5th grade boy 

 "Chrissy is wonderful with the kids!  She has such a wonderful gift, and is so passionate about teaching. She's amazing at what she does, she is so patient and kind.  Our kids just love her! They have learned so much since being in her class." -Danee, Mother of 2 5th grade girls, and 1 3rd grade girl.

 "Top Notch Instruction!!!  Encouraging. Engaging. Uplifting atmosphere. Challenging yet flexible objectives designed to both reach out to and support not only the novice but also the would-be-artist. Respectful and supportive policies indicate a sincere desire to honor both students' and parents' convictions/beliefs. Insightful format used to introduce new vocabulary, practice various techniques, develop habits used by professionals, and explore a variety of media applications. All lessons thus far have been taught in the context of a successful artist, and better yet, the next series of lessons that we have agreed upon together will be taught in the context of art history: more or less chronologically. To top it all off, as if that wasn't enough already, I get to sit in on the lessons, and I personally find the art explorations to be energizing, joyful, creative experiences --- all shared with my precious daughter and her dear friend.....  Yes, I have loved all of our lessons thus far...... - each. and. every. one!   I am extremely grateful to have found Art 'Round My Table."
 -Lorraine, Mother of 15 year old daughter

 "I love the atmosphere of the class-very welcoming and so much fun. Also my daughter is learning so much and becoming so much more confident with her art. Each week, my daughter looks so forward to her art class. She is learning so much and enjoying all the different projects."  - Andrea, Mother of 5th grade daughter