Every art class explores a variety of mediums and techniques each semester, drawing inspiration from great masters of the past as well as current trendsetters and local artists.

Topics covered may include: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, carving, ceramics, and crafting.

Monday: Yukon/Mustang
Please contact GROUNDED for enrollment
Yukon, OK 73065
Ages 5-18
Hands-On Art
Group Piano
Art Appreciation
High School Art History
Please schedule through groundedok.com

Tuesday: ECHO
Please contact ECHO for enrollment.
Wednesday: Moore
This day is reserved for private Art and Piano lessons.
Please schedule by calling or texting: 405-754-9801.
Thursday: Norman
Please contact COACH to enroll.
200 W Hayes St, Norman, OK 73069
Hands-On Art
Art Appreciation
High School Art History
Please schedule through Coachclasses.org
Private Piano Lessons: 
Online or In Person
Don't See Your City?  Call Me About Possibilities!
Private and group lessons available throughout the day in Art and Piano.
Students may begin at any time.
Now accepting EPIC students for most classes.
EPIC students are required to place a $35 cash deposit,
which is returned at the end of the semester once all semester commitments
are met.
Ready to join or need more information?  Email [email protected] or call 405-754-9801